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Knowledge of CoD MW vehicles only. No other cod franchise. Note that some vehicles may make an appearance in cod ghosts which will also be included in our wiki.

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  • new page BTR-80 X-ray vision
    created by TheVillainIntellengenceDude
    New page: The BTR-80 X-ray vision was a feature that was supposed to appear in MW2 and return in MW3, but was cut during both game developments. Function...
  • new page Ural-4320
    created by TheVillainIntellengenceDude
    New page: The Ural-4320 is a Russian Transportation Vehicle seen in the entire MW franchise. They are driven by Russian marines and are easily noticed by their...
    Summary: The Ural-4320 now exists as a page
  • edit BTR-80
    edited by TheVillainIntellengenceDude diff
    Edited the section: Tips to survive encounters with them
  • new page BMP-2
    created by TheVillainIntellengenceDude
    New page: The BMP-2 is a Russian Armored Personal Carrier that appears in Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare as the first APC to appear in the entire Call Of Duty...
    Summary: The BMP-2 will no longer be an instant threat to any player when reading this article and following the tips provided at the bottom of this article. Note some of these tips may not apply to most players.
  • new page BTR-80
    created by TheVillainIntellengenceDude
    New page: The following is about a BTR-80. Background Edit A BTR-80 is an Armored Personal Carrier (APC) that is only seen in the Call Of Duty Modern...
    Summary: The BTR-80 tips section will be edited from time to time. New things may be added, some may be removed, and some may be updated like every other article.
  • edit Vehiclesofmwfranchise Wiki
    edited by TheVillainIntellengenceDude diff
  • discussion page Welcome!
    comment by Sannse


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